Soccer Dribbling Drills For Young Soccer Players

Soccer Dribbling Drills Part 1

soccer dribbling drills for u8

This drill is all about developing close ball control and installing the players with confidence on the ball during actual soccer games. Here we are coaching the young players on how to control the ball with each part of the foot, the inside, the outside, the sole and the laces.

  1. Using cones; mark out a grid approximately using a quarter of a soccer pitch. (As this drill progresses and the players become more confident, we can narrow and shorten the grid to increase intensity).
  2. Select a small group of players around six or seven. (The kids will enjoy most drills in smaller groups seven is probably the maximum number to be effective).
  3. Make sure each player has a ball. (Always give each player a ball to practice with even if they are not taking part).
  4. Ask the players to move around the grid keeping the ball in motion unless instructed to ‘stop and trap’ the ball before moving on again. Allow the youngsters to go in whichever direction they like and don’t be too concerned if they drift slightly out of the grid. (Keep in mind this is a fun drill where the kids are allowed to make mistakes).
  5. Using a whistle, one beep for outside, two beeps for inside, three beeps for laces and four beeps for trap the ball or just periodically shouting out instructions let the players loose in the grid. (A whistle is ideal for this just because; if a player is deep concentration and on the opposite side of the grid to you they may not hear your instruction when shouted out).

This drill can last up to 10 to 15 minutes or even longer depending on the enjoyment level of the young players. They do tend to enjoy this one and actually look forward to it.

Soccer Dribbling Drills part 2:

soccer dribbling drills with conesThis drill takes us one step further on from soccer dribbling drill part 1. We are now coaching each player’s ability to turn at pace while keeping the soccer ball under tight control. This gives the soccer player lots of touches on the ball and develops their confidence. It will also encourage them to look up when on the ball.

  1. Again using the cones; mark out a route which twists and turns to the left and the right at differing angles. (When this soccer dribbling drill commences you may find the players will run into each other, this is okay it will only serve to make seem like more of a game).
  2. You will need to bring together a group of between five and seven of your U8 soccer players. (Soccer drills of all types are made more effective with smaller groups).
  3. Most importantly of all ensure that each of your U8 soccer players have a soccer ball. (You would be absolutely shocked at the number of so called soccer coaches do not believe in this).
  4. Instruct those taking part to follow the route you have marked out, keeping the ball moving and as close to them as is possible, only stopping moving on your command. (Keep in mind this is a fun drill where the kids are allowed to make mistakes).
  5. Using a number code by calling out, ‘one’ for stop and trap, ‘two’ for drag back, ‘three’ for turn 180 degrees and ‘four’ meaning fast dribble and ‘five’ for look up, just let the young soccer players loose in the grid one by one until they are all in play. (As the grid can be smaller since and in theory everyone should be moving in the same direction, you will probably be heard when simply calling out your instructions).

This drill should last up to 20 to 25 minutes depending on how the youngsters are adapting to the drill. You are able increase intensity by leaving ever shortening gaps between; calling out your instructions.

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball like Cristiano Ronaldo?

The soccer player is dibbling to move the ball to the open space, creating chances and scoring goals and to maintain ball possession. It’s important for the player for continuous learning for all soccer training sessions and maintaining the dribbling skills. Make sure that you have the ability to move in with both feet.

Developing the ability of dribble make the player is able to do tricks with both feet with an unexpected movement. A player who is able to use both legs has the potential to beat the defense to using both right and left legs. Having ability to dribble and execute the ball using both legs made that player trickery the opponent. To be succeeding as a striker for soccer player, a striker must know about how to dribble a soccer ball.

It’s important when dribbling in front of the opponent to use the speed, so a defender often running backwards which makes it easier for you to change direction more quickly. It’s important when dribbling in front of the defender to make a slight angle that gives the advantage to the dribbler.

There are many tricks and deception that can be used about how to dribble a soccer ball

Tips on How to Dribble a Soccer Ball like Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Stop with one foot and stepped through it, turn and pull the ball with the other foot forward turn around and keep the ball from a defender. This step is very effective when the attacker touches slightly above the expectations defender.
  • A striker can keep the ball or beat the defender with the cruyf turn. The method of how to dribble a soccer ball with the cut way back, the striker must do the fake movement to shoot straight or cross and one movement to bring the ball back with the inside foot. This step is very effective to make one defender guess that allow you to dribble past the opposition. If the trick is done, the striker will give time and space to the defender to pick out the team mate to be place in a better position.

Soccer agility drills has some benefits for the player:

  1. To pass an opponent
  2. To look for an opportunity to provide feedback to the ball with the right friends.
  3. To hold the ball remains in the control, save the ball if there is no possibility or opportunity to immediately provide the shift gear to a friend.
  4. To be able to soccer agility drills well the player must be able to kick and control the ball well. In other words, a player cannot dribble well if it has not been able to kick and control the ball well.

A player can do dribble like Cristiano Ronaldo with lots of practice. In the other hand, there are several advantages and disadvantages of techniques dribbling like Ronaldo:

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball like Ronaldo

  • The advantages of dribbling using the outside of the foot is using the right foot to the left can outwit an opponent or vice versa.
  • Dribbling using the inside of the foot made the striker can outwit the opponents.
  • The advantages of how to dribble a soccer ball using the back legs is the striker can dribble with a straight direction when no opponent is blocking. While weakness is less effective to outwit your opponent to the left or the right.

Can You Dribble Soccer Ball? This is the Way to develop Your Soccer Dribbling Drills

Dribbling is one of the essential skills for any soccer player. A player who can dribble well will be able to maintain and control the ball even though in under pressure. Statistic shows that soccer dribbling drills in a team with a higher percentage in controlling the ball usually have a chance to win the soccer game.

For a player who wants to be able in drilling, they must consistently practice. Basically, dribbling technique is just a way of how a player is dribbling while protecting the ball from the opponent and then decided feed or kicks the ball into the goal. However, if the technique was carried out with simply dribble forward of the position of the opponent or friend, so the ball can be easily separated from our feet.

soccer dribbling drills for youth

But it can be worse than that, football players may fall when it is not in the correct position due to tread the soccer ball. This can happen because there are several factors such as the situation of the ground, the player lacks of concentration, and many more. It’s better for a player to understand the term about the technique of dribble before developing the skill in dribbling.

The term of soccer dribbling drills

    • Speed dribbling
      Speed dribbling is the soccer dribbling drills of kicking the ball toward the front and then chase the ball directly.
    • Closed Dribbling
      Closed Dribbling is keeping the ball not more than half a meter from our view or kick the ball slowly.
    • Scissors move, cruyf move, Matthews move
    • Nutmeg moves
      Nutmeg moves is skipping under the legs of the opponents
    • Fake kick
      Fake kick is the dribble technique which pretended to kick the ball.
    • Sombrero move
      Sombrero kick is poking the ball
    • Elastico move

Here are the techniques of how to dribble a soccer ball

soccer dribbling drills advanced

    1. Set the power of the kick
      When the player dribble the ball, try to set the power of kicking the ball. The player must decide do the speeds dibble or the closed dribble. This technique can be done when the opponent on the defensive or when the opponent has the speed to run not fast. Therefore, the techniques of how to dribble a soccer ball need to be applied in the soccer match.
    2. Use the inside or outside of the foot
      It means when the player decided to lead the ball for the opponent, it’s better to use the inside of the leg so, the ball can be controlled well. While the outside of the foot is used when doing a speed dribbling the ball is kicked towards the front and then chases the ball.
    3. Balance the body
      With one foot, the player must bring the ball. In the other side, another foot centered the body. So the leg strength is also greatly affecting the balance of a football player when dribbling.
      There is a great tip to train the soccer dribbling.

Try the soccer dribbling drills using the weak leg. If you watch professional football, you will notice that the best strikers have a left-foot shot was very good. At first, you will feel very awkward.
But if it continues to be trained, you can use your weak foot whenever you want. At first, the ball may not lead to the destination, but with a routine exercise, you will be expert in dribbling.