Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program For Young Players

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program should be one of the soccer players’ programs to follow if you want to be a great soccer player with great capability and also beautiful shape of body. Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer star that never leave his practicing time; even though he has been a start with amazing achievements. He always have great motivation and discipline; those two words are the key of his great success.

How Much the Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program?

As a professional athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo must have professional coaches to train him in fitness time as well as expert dietitians that will manage his soccer nutrition plan well every day. For the great Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program, the soccer player transforms from a skinny boy to a beautiful muscle man today.

In Real Madrid training camp, Cristiano Ronaldo has strict workout schedules; it is up to five times per week. In every single training day, the soccer play can have up to 3-4 hours of workouts. Besides, he also should have nutritious meals every day based on the plan. To maintain his health and achieve the beautiful body, Ronaldo also should go bed and wake up early every day.

The Daily Workout Routine of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program consists of some routine that should be had every day, such as:

    • Daily practice about 3-4 hours to make sure that the soccer player has low level of body fats; less than 10%.
    • State cardio training about 25 – 30 minutes
    • A short training of explosive and high intensity sprint drills
    • Improving ball control and skills by doing some technical drills
    • Improving the teammates understanding through some tactical exercises in soccer
    • Developing specific muscles as well as the total strength in the body by doing some gym exercises.

Therefore, just make the Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Program to have great skill and amazing body just like the soccer star.

Start Your Soccer Exercises At Home, No Pro Hands Needed!

Soccer players need to always keep their conditions and strength with regular workouts. What happened when they can’t afford the gym training? Or what happened when the weather outside turn out to be so cold? Now, players can do their soccer exercises at home.

Tips on Starting Soccer Exercises At Home

Soccer Exercises At Home

When do the soccer exercises at home, you can focus on improving your individual skills. Here the tips on the way to help developing skills at your backyard:
No Fancy Equipment Needed
When you do the technical training in group, you will get lots of proper soccer equipment. But when you doing it at home, what will you need are only some soccer balls, several pylons, and simple goalpost with net. With these three simple soccer equipment you start to practice your foot skills, like shooting and dribbling.
Focus to Take Control Your Weakness
In the formal practice, you need to follow the scheduled training. While doing practice at home, you can only focus on your weakness area where you need to improve your fitness and skills. For example, if you have a weaker left foot to shoot or receive the ball, you can only focus on shooting with your left foot. Do the practices over and over again until you see some progress.
Use the Wall As Your Partner
Individual exercises at home mean you have no any partner. You can use your home wall to practice passing and receiving a ball. Kick the ball against the wall with different speeds and angles to practice your ball’s control. At the same time, the wall is also a good partner to practice heading, volleying, or one-timing.
Training the 3 Basic Soccer Skills

Focus your soccer exercises at home to improve these 3 basic soccer skills:

Best Soccer Exercises At Home

There are two kinds of receiving a ball, on the ground and in the air, which require different points. Before the ball on the ground comes, you need to decide which foot to receive it. But when receiving a ball in the air, you need to decide which body part (foot, chest, or head) to receive the ball. You can use the wall to practice receiving a ball since you have no partner at home exercise.

Passing a ball is the same with receiving which require a partner. But once again, you can use the walls to practice this skill. You can give some marks on the different spots of the wall as your passing target. After you pass the ball to the wall, you will at the same time practice the receiving.

Shooting skills can be considered as an art in the soccer because it’s the one that decide the win or lose of the game. Shooting point is how to pass the ball beyond the goalkeeper reachable area. Use your makeshift goal post to do continuous shoots in several goalpost spots, such as the corner.

Complete With Building Your Body Strength

Playing soccer isn’t only about foot skills, but also the body strength so the players can keep running in the actual 90-minutes match. Before do the soccer exercises at home, you can start jogging and running around the neighbor as warming-up. But remember, soccer also involves another physical strength such as sprinting, turning, and jumping. Use your backyard to do these practices.

Some Useful Tips on How to Do Soccer Exercises for Beginners

Normally, before we begin to play soccer or any other sports, we have to do warming up. This has also become one of many ways to practice soccer for soccer players who want to do a match or just a game of soccer. This warming up is aimed to keep the elasticity and balance as well as the speed of soccer players. Some warming ups include these following things, especially for soccer exercises for beginners.

Warming Up Without Ball in Soccer Exercises for Beginners

Best Soccer Exercises for Beginners

Doing warming up with no ball is very important especially for the beginners. This one of many soccer exercises for beginners can be done by having a little running or jogging or sprint with, of course, a direction from the coach. Based on the age from 8 to 10, this can be done for 6-8 times. For those whose age is 12 to 14, this can be done for 10-12 times. And for the 16 years old above, this warming up can be done for 13-15 times.

Warming Up With Ball

One of many ways on how to improve your soccer skills, warming up with ball is the next step. Doing the backward and forward movements can surely be one of the best exercises. The purpose is to increase a response once when you are being attacked. Besides that, you can also do a turn upside down position, standing up, sitting down, or other moves. This is to increase the response when once you are being in an unpredictable situation. Then, add some more short distance sprint.

Warming Up With Partners

Warming Up Soccer Exercises for Beginners

Warming up with partners for doing soccer exercises for beginners can be really fun. There are basically four positions. The first is with the ball on the ground, controlling and shooting the ball right to the partners. The second one is by positioning the ball to about a high of hips, doing it and switch the position. The third one is to keep the ball in the chest. And the last one is heading. Those are some and one way or another; you have got to practice more.

The following steps for doing your exercises can be a great choice. Be serious and relax at the same time, following the process. Don’t forget to head to Epic Soccer Training to gain more knowledge in just one click on the internet. After that, practice makes perfect.