Coaching Youth Soccer – How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

As you coach youth soccer, you will soon realize that learning to juggle is a very important technique for youth soccer player to learn. Players who can juggle have a feel for the ball and learn to become one with the ball. Their touch is often much better than those players who cannot juggle and are usually more composed when playing in pressure situations. So, learn our soccer juggling tips below!

basic soccer juggling tips

Soccer players who are able to juggle a soccer ball typically have greater control over the ball and are more apt to adjust their body positioning in different situations. Soccer jugglers should aim to achieve harmony between the ball and the player.

As a coach, it is up to you to encourage players to juggle as a warm-up before practice and games so they can develop their juggling skills. I often have players who show up to practice early pick up a ball and start juggling while waiting for other players to show.

Have players either juggle on their own or pair up with a partner in attempt to keep the ball off of the ground. It’s great for their touch, and a good warm-up while waiting around for training to start.

It is very important to instruct players to juggle the soccer ball with both feet. Some players want to focus only on their strong foot, however, as a coach it is important for you to get them working on their weak foot as well.

I typically work my juggling into the warm-up and have the players work on the following soccer juggling tips:

  1. Juggle with the instep (top of foot) only. Make sure they switch feet and keep the ball below their head. If the ball gets too far out of control the player will struggle to juggle.
  2. Juggle with the thighs only. Make sure the players use the thigh part of their leg and not their knee. Their body movement should resemble that of a soldier marching. Make sure they alternate legs.
  3. All parts of the feet. Now let the players use the inside, outside and instep parts of their feet.
  4. All parts of their feet, chest and thighs.
  5. All body parts including their heads.

In addition to using the soccer juggling tips as a warm-up, you can also make it a competition. Hold a juggling competition and award prizes to the top jugglers. Give them a couple weeks to practice before holding the competition and track their progress through the competitions.

Make sure the players increase their juggling numbers each week. Make it a point to stress the importance of juggling in soccer each week leading up to the competitions and be sure to point out players who obviously have not been working on juggling.

Things to Know about How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Playing soccer is complicated and yet exciting. It is not only about shooting the ball but, it is also about dribbling the ball, juggling the ball, and defending your team. Juggling the ball is probably the most difficult skill to master for a beginner. If you are a beginner soccer player, you must know how to juggle a soccer ball. Knowing how to do it will make you a great player in the future. Some people may think that juggling a ball is only for fun and shows. However, many professional soccer players also use this skill while they are playing on the field.

Tips on how to juggle a soccer ball

how to juggle a soccer ball

The first step in learning to juggle is that juggling with your feet. It is probably the easiest juggling move that you can practice. However, it can be difficult for a beginner. This is how to juggle a soccer ball on your feet.
First of all you must put yourself in the right position. You must bend your knees slightly. It will help you have more control on your ball. Put your dominant foot ready in action. That is, keep your ankle locked. Meanwhile, keep your foot that is not used for juggling firm and flat on the ground.

Once you are ready, drop the ball and kick it upward. Use your shoe lace to kick it. At first, you may only be able to juggle once and cannot ‘catch’ it with your foot. However, after some time, you will be able to get more control of the ball. You will be able to juggle more than once. After you can juggle with your dominant foot, try to juggle with another foot. It will be more difficult though.

After that, you must learn to juggle the ball with your head and knees. You must also learn to control the ball using your shoulders and chest. Once you are skillful on juggling this ball, you must try to do it while walking.

Juggling and soccer dribbling moves

Best way to juggle a soccer ball

The combination of juggling skill and excellent soccer dribbling moves will make you a valuable player in your team. Dribbling a ball and getting in and out of the opponent’s players is not something that can be easily gained. It is a complex skill that can only be achieved through hard works. It also needs techniques and talent.

To be an excellent dribbler, you must touch your ball in every step you make. It will enable you to control the ball easily. You must also be able to dribble the ball with both your feet with comfort. Once you can dribble the ball at speed and keep it close, you can start learning more difficult techniques.

Soccer dribbling techniques

There is some soccer dribbling techniques that must be mastered by a professional soccer player. Some of them are Lunge (Dummy Step Over), Double Lunge, the Stop and Go, Puskas, the Cut Back, and many others. Mastering it will make you the star of the team. And to master it, you must practice with determination. I hope this tips on how to juggle a soccer ball and dribbling moves help you becoming a more valuable soccer player.

Are You a Beginner Soccer Player? Learn These Soccer Juggling Tips

If you want to impress your coach and soccer team mates, you must master excellent soccer skill. One of them is juggling skill. To master it, you must know soccer juggling tips. Knowing these tips will give you a lot of advantages. That’s because juggling is one of the most important skills in soccer. It is said that if you can juggle a ball, you can have more control on the ball while they are on the ground. Keeping the ball on the air is difficult for a beginner. But, it is not impossible for you to master it.

Basic soccer juggling tips

soccer juggling tips There are several tips you can follow so that you can gain juggling skill. Here is some soccer juggling tips you can try at home: Hold the ball in your hands and drop it on one of your feet. Your foot position must be with ankle locked and the toe down. Once you dropped the ball, try to kick it back with your shoe laces into your hands. After you can do it successfully, try to do it again but kick the ball twice before you catch it with your hands. Try again and keep the ball in the air for as long as you can. Practice it until you can juggle easily. After that, try to juggle the ball with another foot. Once you are comfortable doing simple juggling with each of your foot, you can try to juggle the ball alternately between your right and left feet. For example, you can juggle it twice on the right and once on the left.

Schedule and how to juggle a soccer ball

soccer juggling tips beginners When you are self training yourself to master soccer juggling, you must set goals for it. You must realize that you cannot master it in one day. That’s why you must schedule your training properly. For example, on the first week, you must be able to juggle five times on your right foot. Aside from having a clear goal, you must also be determined with it. How to juggle a soccer ball successfully? The answer is that you must be willing do hard works. Without hard works and regular practice, you will not be able to juggle your ball. Once you are capable of juggling with both feet, you must start using other parts of your body to juggle the soccer ball. First, you must train to kick the ball higher and lower. Make sure you can calculate the height of your juggle. After that, you can use head, thigh, or chest to control the ball.

Juggling and walking

soccer juggling tips and tricks Juggling a soccer ball while you are standing is difficult enough. However, if you want to be an impressive soccer player, you must be able to juggle a ball while walking. This skill will enable you to handle the ball like a pro on the field. At first, you must try to walk slowly while juggling. Find your rhythm while taking each of your steps and increase your speed as you get better. I hope these soccer juggling tips can help you become a better soccer player.