Believe it or Not! The Simplest Soccer Skill Training to Strengthen Your Stamina

Individually, the soccer skill training is needed to develop by the through repetition. Choose one of the specific techniques such as dribble or such as the style like turtle foot movement. And the special training on the techniques at least needs 30 minutes a day. This is an important thing to do the skill training of soccer to aim the rhythm of the game. And the result, you are going to feel the best training ever. And you are going to be more confident.

The soccer player must do the physical exercise program on regular basis which must be done by the beginner soccer players, even professional soccer player. In sport, physical strength is an important thing to achieve the victory. Therefore, a lot of football players feel dropping due to the less physical qualities which is no longer strong enough to bear the competition.

soccer skill training program

Every soccer team usually already has a regular program, of physical training as a physical strengthening exercise such as fitness, gymnastic, and many more. The point of the soccer program physical exercise is to strengthen the soccer players.

Running is the simplest soccer skill training

For the running training, you can do step by step. For example, today you run surrounding the soccer field as much as 2 times. And then the next day, you can try to run around the soccer field three times and so on. And if it is possible, you can do the training by doing sprint.

soccer skill training drills

Running is the good exercise to impose the energy and power. If you are professional, you can try to run in 30 minutes non-stop. No matter whether you run fast or slow. This soccer skill training can train the endurance, so you can see the time reference.

Soccer workout program by doing gymnastic and skipping

Gymnastic is the exercise which serves to loosen your strained muscles in order to avoid cramps while you are playing soccer. Similar with the running training program, the gymnastic can be done in various ways, especially for the soccer workout program. Before doing gymnastic, you need a little stretch to weaken your muscles.

The stretching can be done in several ways, namely move round the head to the left and right side, move around the arms forward and backward, move around the waist to the right and left side, bend the body forward and backward, move around the knees to the left and the right side, and move the ankle of the feet smoothly and softly. And the good workout to improve the soccer skill in skipping or jumping rope. Skipping or jumping rope exercise is aiming to strengthen the muscles around the ankle foot.

Swimming is the more interesting workout program

soccer skill training schedule

Swimming can train the body to be flexible and strong. In swimming, all muscles in the body parts move. Similar with jogging, swimming is a physical exercise which is recommended for soccer skill training.

The benefits of swimming are tighten the muscles of the chest, back, and arms, in order to make the soccer player is able to do maneuver, dribble, and kicking, tighten the thigh muscles to increase the endurance in running, increase the lung capacity so make the oxygen can be absorbed more, the whole muscle will be contraction and it can prevent the muscle injury at the soccer match.

Newbie Player? Here is the Basic Soccer Skills You Need to Learn

Do you have a passion in soccer? Or you want to start to be a soccer player? Learn about basic soccer skills before starting your soccer training.

Three Basic Soccer Skills

There are 3 basic soccer skills that need to be learned by a newbie player.
· Passing
In a team play, passing a ball is important between teammates. The first important thing for players need to learn about passing is to know quickly the position of their teammates. Next is the verbal communication for giving cues to help in the decision-making before passing a ball.
· Receiving
When you do the passing, you will also receiving a ball. In the soccer, you need to master two kinds of receiving a ball. It is receiving a ball on the ground and receiving in the air. The point when receiving a ball is keeping your eye on the ball’s speed and direction. Then, you need to decide the body part to receive the ball. With on the ground ball, you will automatically receive it with your foot, left or right. While in the air ball, you need to decide receiving the ball with your foot, chest or head. Right after your get the ball, you need to right away prepare for next moves to pass, shoot, or play away.
· Shooting
Shooting skills might be considered as the best skill for soccer players. It’s an art which very precious to decide the team’s fate. In shooting skill, players need to learn how to pass a ball beyond unreachable goalpost area to the keeper. They also learn how to trick the goalkeeper with their shooting movements.

Improve Your Moves with Basic Soccer Skills Training

Basic Soccer Skills

By doing following basic soccer skills training, you can improve your basic skills especially foot movements.
· Passing Drills
These passing drills are aimed to improve passing ability. The training will focus on passing accuracy and teammate’s positions awareness. A newbie player can start with passing on the ground by inside the foot rather than long passing in the air. There are various passing drills including call to receive and pass the ball, avoiding obstacles, circle drill, simple 5m pass, short and long pass, backward and forwards, and also many more.
· Dribbling Drills
These drills aim on improving dribbling and close ball control. Rather than speed, these drills focus on accuracy and quality. The players also need to dribble while looking up the surrounding continuously so they can decide when to pass the ball. The training including in and out, relay race, rhomboid, beat the player and shoot, round the cones, through the cones, and many more.
· Shooting Drills
Shooting drills can be considered as the most fun training. Although they teach to shoot under pressure, but players can enjoy approach a ball at any angle and kick it to do the shooting. The drills including 1-2 shoots, turn and shoot, shoot on sight, collect and shoot, running at angles, and many more.
There are more drills to learn including control drills, heading drills, goalkeeping drills, 2 vs 2 drills, 1 vs 1 drills, etc.

More Skills to Learn

The basic soccer skills and training above will improve your individual skill especially foot movements. But there are other important things to learn about soccer including teamwork, strategy and decision-making skills. Because a soccer team is a group of 11 people work in the same purpose, not only depend on one player skills. So, the fate of the team will be determined by these group skills.