A Little Soccer Knowledge

The game of soccer, also known as football when outside of America, has been a popular sport around the world for many years. Simply put, the game consists of two teams of eleven players maneuvering a sphere shaped ball back and forth down a grass field without being allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms. Points are scored when the ball is kicked into the opposing team’s goal at the end of the field. The game is divided into two halves, each running 45 minutes, with a 15 minute break between the halves.

soccer general knowledgeSetting soccer apart from other sports games is that each half is counted continuously, not only in play time, so the clock keeps running even if the ball is out of play, such as after an out-of-bounds kick. It is unlikely to see very high scores at the end of a professional game, given that each goal is only worth one point, and the inability to throw or grab the ball makes it that much more difficult to drive it down the field. In fact, an average soccer game may see a final score of 2-1, or 3-2.

The most anticipated event in the game of soccer is the FIFA World Cup, held once every four years. During these four years over 190 different teams compete with each other internationally to earn a coveted place in the finals and achieve the title of World Champions. Each continent also has its own soccer federation in which their teams compete with each other for ranking. These include Europe’s UEFA, America’s COMMEBOL, Africa’s CAF, and Asia’s AFC. Soccer competitions are also part of the Summer Olympic sporting events; although since the inception of the World Cup less emphasis has been placed on the importance of these games.

However, soccer does not only provide enjoyment on the professional level. It is also a popular sport among grade school and high school sports teams, as well as being a common activity in PE classes and club sports in neighborhoods or community centers. This can partially be attributed to the fact that soccer is a very active sport which keeps players constantly moving, since the most effective way to move the ball is to kick it while running. For this reason, it is seen as a very healthy activity for youth to engage in and is highly encouraged. For younger children it is also enjoyable because the constant activity allows less down time for them to lose interest or get distracted. Children’s soccer is played much the same way as professional soccer, but the length of each half of the game or the size of the field may be cut down depending on the age of the players.

Regardless of whether played on the professional or amateur level, soccer is a highly enjoyable sport for people of all ages. Whether a spectator or player, soccer provides fast paced action and encourages good health and sportsmanship, all while never having the opportunity to be boring.

Different Soccer Tips and Tricks

Tricks add spice to the traditional sports. It gives a new flavor to the game. Soccer is an example of a famous game. It is not only known in one continent, but it is known all over the world. The faster you move the more than the soccer game is for you. The player of the soccer game not only does move fast.

soccer tips and tricks freeThey also have different soccer tips and tricks to offer to their fans. In order for you to perform some soccer tricks, you have to be familiar with the soccer ball. You have to treat the ball as your best buddy. The efficient way to be at home with your soccer ball is to bring it with you whenever you go. You should use every opportunity that you have to play fun with the ball.

Constantly dribbling the ball with your foot is a perfect way of getting familiar with the contour and bouncing of it. You might also want to do the typical kicking of the ball using the outer part of your foot. This is called the scissor step. You can try a combination of the scissor step, called as the double scissor.

Different Combination of Soccer Tips and Tricks

As you get acquainted with the soccer ball, you will be able to learn different combination of the scissor style. The reverse scissor is mostly used by the soccer player. This is an offensive attack. The goal of this soccer tips and tricks is to make your opponent perceived that you are kicking the ball, but the truth to the matter is that you are just making a bluff. You are actually trying to pass the ball at a different direction, mostly 360 degrees away from the opponent. Watch and learn every move.

Learning to read and anticipate the movement of your opponent, as well as your teammate will help a lot. A combination of different moves such as moving faster, and then slowly changing the pace, does really matter. You also have to take note the key element in the game of soccer. It is the movement of the foot that will really matter. You need to move quick fast. You need to make sure that everything that you do is certain. You have to set your eye on the focus, and that is to make a goal for the team, to score for the team.

Once you master the basic soccer tips and tricks needed in the game soccer, surely you will learn to love more the game. The game soccer is not only about physical speed. It is more of a mental speed. It is more of learning how to take target, and anticipating. In fact, because of the popularity of the game, the given mental as well as health benefits, it has been launched as the most recommended game, especially for kids.

There is an even soccer clinic that aims in providing soccer lessons, techniques, and style on how to become a soccer superstar. This is a sport that you will surely love. Kick your inhibitions away and join the soccer game now.

The Soccer’s Health Benefit

Soccer is a famous outdoor game. It is often referred to as football. This is the popular game among American and European countries. It is also making its way in the Asian countries. It is played by a team, meaning; it is a team to team battle. The soccer game is played basically with 11 players on both teams. The score is achieved if a team player is able to shoot the ball using either the foot, body torso, or the head.

soccer health benefitsThe use of the hand is not recommended. It is a combination of running and kicking. This is a game for adults, as well as for kids. The game has plenty of health benefits to offer. As a matter of fact, soccer is a great form of exercise and relaxation too. The most common form of exercises used during soccer is those of cardio exercise. This is a set of exercise that includes walking, running, and sprinting. Cardio exercise is referred to those activities that are generally good for the heart.

It increases the optimum health of the cardiac muscles. Soccer is also a best form of losing weight. Through running and sprinting, you will be able to lose excessive fat deposits by perspiration. Hence, this activity lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. The game also promotes muscle tone. It makes the tissue firmer and stronger. Game promotes endurance of the body. Constant change in pacing from running to walking can make your endurance high. Not to mention, injuries than you can sustain out of playing the game is very minimal in comparison to basketball.

Soccer is a good sport for the health

Aside for the stated health benefits, there are also other benefits that you can get out of playing the game. These benefits are helpful for the holistic body and mind. The soccer sport is a non contact type of game. Since, it is a team game; it develops the spirit of team work and unity. The game is played internationally. It is a perfect game to build every nation together by a friendly game.

It is not an expensive type of sport. It requires very little equipments, unlike with other sports. Playing the game can develop muscle coordination. It lets you think and strategies. The game is played in the field, but it can also be played at the backyard, or anywhere that has a wide space. There are popular people because of their ability to play soccer efficiently.

So, if you are looking for a sport to play, you might want to think of soccer as your choice. No sport can be as creative and as beneficial, as soccer does. If you are looking for some recreational activity that is cheaper, with health benefit value, and general body benefits, surely soccer is the best choice. Just see to it that you eat healthy foods, drink plenty an amount of water, and nutrients, due to the game’s physical requirements.

Soccer Training Tips: Penalty Shots

The goalkeeper in a soccer game always has to be on aware of stop the soccer ball when considering towards him. Throughout the match, some soccer players are specifically focused on protecting the goal score. In the matter of a penalty kick nevertheless, there’s only one opposing player and the goalkeeper. The opposing player will attempt very difficult to kick the soccer ball in to the goal, and he have a good opportunity at doing the work, coming from only 12 yards the best way.

Soccer Training Tips

Penalty kicks can happen at any time during the game. They are relatively easy to score, so some players try to sabotage the game by intentionally getting in another player’s way in order to obstruct his view. If he is too obvious to the umpire, a foul will probably be called against the player doing the obstructing.

The goalie will probably feel like he is in the hot seat with a penalty kick. The goal tender must stay within the area of the goal box and when the kick is made, he has only seconds to stop the ball. The goal tender can try to guess where the ball is going to go, and if he’s right, he can prevent the goal. The problem is that he generally has to make a split second decision.

Professional players observe their opponents closely and for clues, like whether the opponent is left handed or right handed,.and will study their opponents’ patterns, to determine their kicking styles.

Some professional players may have studied opponents to note if they most often aim for one side of the net. If a player is right handed and kicks with his right foot, he will usually aim to the left, so the goalie may stay to the left in anticipation of the kick from that player. Nonetheless, the player may change his mind, and the goalie must be ready to make a split second decision.

Some goal keepers have noted that the opposite foot, the weight bearing foot, indicates the direction of the kick, they look for and indication from the weight bearing foot to determine about where they think the ball will go.

The type of kick an opposing player tends to choose for the penalty kick should be studied by the goalie. The push kick uses the inside of the foot and pushes the ball into the goal. The driven shot uses the top of the foot and carries lots of power. The cut shot combines the push kick and the driven shot: the player kicks the ball near the top of the toe.

Soccer is a very fast paced sport and shots need to be made with precision, even when there are only moments left in the game.

Manchester United’s counter attack soccer strategy

Any good defensive strategy should start from the front of the pitch with the centre forwards. Conversely Attacking should start from the back. It is important that defenders and goal keepers learn how to pass the ball in there own third when a low pressure situation exists. A very common team formation is the 4:4:2 especially in youth soccer. The means that if both sides adopt this formation then only two attackers will be challenging 5 defensive players in the attacking third. For this reason the odds are clearly stacked in favour of the defending team maintaining possession.

Another benefit of this is that maintaining possession in your own third means that you give you midfielders and attacking forwards players chance to get into position to move the ball forward and attack the opposition half. This drill is designed to teach players how to get the ball from the back, with composure, to the centre forwards in a controlled pattern.

Set up of the counter attack soccer strategy

counter attack soccer strategy

For this drill you will need 16 players, 2 goal keepers, 8 defenders, 4 centre forwards and 2 midfielders and a full size pitch divided into 3rds. Both teams have 4 defenders in there own third and a goalkeeper. The opposition will also have 2 attacking centre forwards in the opposition 3rd. See figure 1. The drill starts by one of the midfielders taking a simple shot at the goalkeeper.

In a team of 16 players it is highly unlikely that you have 8 defenders. For this drill i set my main back 4 together on one team and just used some midfielders on the opposite side. The most important thing is that you get your centre forwards and main defenders understanding the patterns

Each team must pass the ball in there own third at least 4 times

They must try to use the goalkeeper as well as the defenders to keep possession

Only the goalkeeper can use the midfielder to pass the ball forward, but the midfielder must immediately pass the ball back to one of the defenders.

Defenders can only get the ball into the opposition third by playing a ball up the line to the attacking centre forward.

On receiving the ball from the defender, the attacking centre forward must try to hold the ball up to then lay off to the midfielder and then make attacking runs in the attacking third. They can use the midfielder any number of times to try to keep possession.

Midfielders must not defend against each other, they are only their to support the centre forwards and defenders

If centre forwards win possession from the opposition defenders they must pass the ball back to their own defenders so the build up process can begin again.

Figure 1

The main idea of the drill is to teach the defenders to gain composure in there own third and not feel panicked when closed down by the centre forwards. A typical pattern is when a shot has been made on the goal keeper and the goalkeeper successfully gains possession. Once this happens both centre back must move left and right of the 18 yard goal area, as show in figure 2 whilst the left and right backs move up the field. This creates a large amount of space between the defenders and the opposition centre forwards, which gives the defenders time to see and judge where to put the ball.

Figure 2

The other important part of the drill is getting the ball to the centre forwards. One way to do this is for the left centre back or goalkeeper to play the ball to the left backs. Upon doing so the centre back immediately drops off behind the left back, who immediately passes the ball back to the centre back. Upon receiving the centre back then curls the ball up the line to the centre forward. It is important at this point that the centre forward is standing inside the field and comes short to receive the ball. They must also shield the ball and hold up the play to then pass the ball off to the midfielder before attacking the space.

Safety Tips on Playing Soccer

Ensuring safety in every game is a must. It is a prerequisite of every gaming body. As everybody knows, soccer is the leading outdoor game. It is played all over the world. This sport is very easy to play. This requires much energy and stamina. Hence, this game is for adult. Since, the rule of the game is very easy to follow; the sport is also for children. This is the perfect way to celebrate any sports.

No wonder why a lot of sports addicts chose to play the game of soccer.

safety soccer tipsWhile soccer is not really a contact sport, there is also accident or unintentional occurrence that might happen. There are also natural accidents occurrences due to overuse of the different muscles in the body like muscle strains, muscle cramping, and the like. With every sports activity, there is no guarantee that no one will get hurt.

Hence, it is important to make sure the general safety, particularly among the players. Generally, there are minimal accidents on soccer event, but this does not mean that major and more serious incidents will not happen. Injury to any type of the game is mainly due to lack of protective gears. An official game should have the proper game prerequisites. There is protective clothing basically needed to play the game, especially if you are playing for official purposes.

The one that greatly determines if a certain player plays soccer is by his shoe. By just merely looking at the footwear, you will easily conclude that someone plays soccer. The shoes that are mostly used by soccer players is soccer cleats. This type of shoe is typically made of ribbed soles and molded cleats.

This type of shoe protects the feet from being directly in contact with hard surfaces, does, making the feet susceptible to any pressure. This can also protect the person on getting slide into slippery or wet surfaces that most soccer players get in contact with. Important protective clothing shins guards. This is important as it can protect the player from leg-related injury.

Best safety soccer tips

This protective clothing protects you from ankle injury, which is very common not only in soccer but also in basketball. To make sure that your shin perfectly fits you, see to it that you bring your socks as well as your cleats when you buy your shin guard. A soccer sock is also of relevant importance. It holds the shin and other protective gear for the legs. It makes sure that those gears are in its proper places. The sock itself, does, protect the legs too.

This is a very basic thing that you have with you either in official game, or for practice purpose. You might also want to try wearing a mouth guard. This simple protective instrument can protect you from any type of head injury like contusion, bleeding of the facial structure like the teeth, lips, and cheek. Sometimes, fracture of the jaw is a result of failure to use mouth guards. This is the basic protective tool that every soccer player should wear.

Are You a Beginner Soccer Player? Learn These Soccer Juggling Tips

If you want to impress your coach and soccer team mates, you must master excellent soccer skill. One of them is juggling skill. To master it, you must know soccer juggling tips. Knowing these tips will give you a lot of advantages. That’s because juggling is one of the most important skills in soccer. It is said that if you can juggle a ball, you can have more control on the ball while they are on the ground. Keeping the ball on the air is difficult for a beginner. But, it is not impossible for you to master it.

Basic soccer juggling tips

soccer juggling tips There are several tips you can follow so that you can gain juggling skill. Here is some soccer juggling tips you can try at home: Hold the ball in your hands and drop it on one of your feet. Your foot position must be with ankle locked and the toe down. Once you dropped the ball, try to kick it back with your shoe laces into your hands. After you can do it successfully, try to do it again but kick the ball twice before you catch it with your hands. Try again and keep the ball in the air for as long as you can. Practice it until you can juggle easily. After that, try to juggle the ball with another foot. Once you are comfortable doing simple juggling with each of your foot, you can try to juggle the ball alternately between your right and left feet. For example, you can juggle it twice on the right and once on the left.

Schedule and how to juggle a soccer ball

soccer juggling tips beginners When you are self training yourself to master soccer juggling, you must set goals for it. You must realize that you cannot master it in one day. That’s why you must schedule your training properly. For example, on the first week, you must be able to juggle five times on your right foot. Aside from having a clear goal, you must also be determined with it. How to juggle a soccer ball successfully? The answer is that you must be willing do hard works. Without hard works and regular practice, you will not be able to juggle your ball. Once you are capable of juggling with both feet, you must start using other parts of your body to juggle the soccer ball. First, you must train to kick the ball higher and lower. Make sure you can calculate the height of your juggle. After that, you can use head, thigh, or chest to control the ball.

Juggling and walking

soccer juggling tips and tricks Juggling a soccer ball while you are standing is difficult enough. However, if you want to be an impressive soccer player, you must be able to juggle a ball while walking. This skill will enable you to handle the ball like a pro on the field. At first, you must try to walk slowly while juggling. Find your rhythm while taking each of your steps and increase your speed as you get better. I hope these soccer juggling tips can help you become a better soccer player.

Here are the Soccer Tips and Tricks For Juggling

Juggling is the movement, in bouncing the ball with the back leg, thigh, head, or shoulders. Initially, this style is used by the soccer professional athletes to train their foot control. Moreover, this style becomes their entertainment for the soccer players. And nowadays, juggling becomes the free style for soccer player even common people. One of the soccer tips and tricks to be expert in soccer game is able to do juggling.

Juggling is one of agility in football. Juggling balls actually help players build an incredible ball control and ball handling skills in the process. Juggling allows players to create the right moment to strike the ball and scored to win. Juggling is very interesting, because we tried to keep the ball from falling and continues to be treated with a variety of styles.

Soccer Tips and Tricks For JugglingBasically, the style is using both feet, kicked the ball slowly upward, and then greeted by the other foot when the ball fell again. This movement can be continued so that the ball does not fall. If you already proficient in this movement, can be coupled with the movement of encircling soccer when the ball was floating in the air. And also can hold the ball with the back of the neck when the ball dropped.

To be expert in soccer, you have to learn the soccer tips and tricks especially for juggling.

The first tip is focus. First, practice one part of your foot, left or right beforehand. Perform at least 10 consecutive juggling using the right foot without the ball fell to the ground. Then do the same with your left foot, then the left or right thigh and do the juggling exercises with the head.

After your body can handle the soccer ball, try the next soccer tips and tricks by using another body part. For example, hitting the ball twice to use the right foot, then press twice again but now using the left foot. Create your own combination, but just don’t forget to use parts of your different body.

Here is soccer juggling tips:

  • Juggling with dominant leg
    If you are still in the early stages of playing juggling, you better use the dominant foot which you usually you use every day. Suppose, if you feel you are more dominant right foot, and then use the right leg to practice juggling.
  • Techniques
    When doing soccer juggling tips, hold the ball with both hands. Stick out your arms at chest height. Drop a ball and let it bounce once. Well, before bouncing for the second time, kick the ball up to his chest.
  • Routine
    Take your time about 60 minutes a day to practice juggling.

Juggling as a freestyle

soccer tips and tricks especially for juggling

Juggling is a forerunner of the freestyle movement. This attraction involves movement of bouncing ball with the back leg, thigh, head and shoulders. Starting from the legendary football player named Diego Armando Maradona then that activity creates an entertainment value of these attractions.

Juggling must be controlled well by freestyler. Previous juggling in soccer players used the ball of the foot to train control. Then the freestylers create the interesting movement. The soccer tips and tricks in juggling for free style needs more stamina, speed, and strong leg muscles and high concentration either.

These are Soccer Tips for Beginners, Only for You Newbie!

Soccer is a game that is very challenging both physically and mentally, especially for beginner who are new in this sport. Don’t assume that this game is difficult and feel unconfident in playing soccer. The soccer game evokes desire and emotion than the other sports. Many challenges are faced by the players in the main attraction of the game. In the other hand, soccer is an international sport, included the rules, regulation are in the charge of internationally way. For beginner, you have to know about the world football’s governing named Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). More than 170 countries including the US, is a member of FIFA.

Best Soccer Tips for Beginners

In 1913 the United States Soccer Football Association (USSFA) was established and inaugurated as a member of FIFA. Later the name changed into the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The equipment needed for soccer player including kipper are shirts or tracksuits, shorts, socks, shoes, and shin guards. The basic soccer tips for beginner is the basic workout – physical workout. The physical workout is the most important thing to do for beginner. No matter how great the skill, or how far the shooting is, but if the physical appearance is not strong enough, you won’t be able to play soccer well.

The first tip is jogging. Running is the first physical training with the time for 5 minutes. If you are not strong enough to run in 5 minutes without pause, run in 2 until 3 minute. This workout can increase the stamina.

Warming up is the soccer tips for beginner

Warning up is the important thing to do before doing any sports. It make your muscles aren’t stiff when playing soccer. Warming up for 5 minutes or more, and it’s better to focus on the leg because it will often use in this sport. This soccer tips for beginner can increase the body temperature the goal of increasing the body temperature is dilating capillary blood vessels, the benefits that allow you to get more oxygen supplied to the muscles in order to obtain the maximum energy.

the soccer tips for beginner

Besides, the warming up can increase heart rate gradually. Heart pounding required to pump blood supplied to every muscle in the body. The warming up can Reduce the risk of injury. To reduce the risk of injury is best heating preparing to train flexibility warming joints and muscles of the body.

Soccer tips and tricks for beginner is kicking with full speed

Kicking is the basic skill in soccer game. The beginner must have this skill. And for the soccer tips and trick to be able to play in the soccer match is kicking the ball with strong power and full speed. For beginners, try to keep on kicking against the opponent at full speed. You must be willing to use the leg side which is an important part try to lead to the goal.

Passing precisely

For starters try to lure using the inside of the leg. Good bait is hard and accurate. Try to feed right into your friend. Passing precisely and accurately is the soccer tips for beginner.

2 Unique and Helpful Tips on How to Become a Better Soccer Player

The answer for how to become a better soccer player may still linger in some beginners or professional soccer player. The reason is because soccer is all about practicing, exercising, again and again. You cannot expect yourself to be a better soccer player when you don’t even want to practice. One may have a natural skill in soccer but if he does not sharpen it, then the skill might just go waste with no trace. Believe and do some following tips on how to become a better soccer player.

How to Become a Better Soccer Player by Practicing?

Become a Better Soccer Player

Don’t underestimate the power of practicing. Besides to keep you balanced and motivated, practicing constantly can take you to a higher level of soccer skill. You may not believe that the result and process will take time, but it does give you a power to stand and to do more. By practicing, people can go from zero to hero. By practicing, people who like soccer will automatically love soccer by the time goes. One of many ways is you can do a soccer speed training.

A soccer speed training is designed to train you to have an excellent acceleration in order to win the match for the truest sense. The game will all be yours and your team. There are actually some tips on practicing the speed you already have, that is by having some ladder workout and some parachutes on your back. This is aimed to keep you balanced and stand for the barriers or rival you will face in the field. By this training, the answer of how to become a better soccer player has now revealed.

How to Be a Better Soccer Player

How Do You Improve Your Skill?

Besides that, the knowledge on how to become a better soccer player has already spread. You actually need a strategy if you are a couch, and if you are a player, you need to listen to every single things your couch has told you. A couch has learnt more and gain experiences more than you did. This will relate to the solidity you and your team has. To be united is to have more likeness and comfort in your team. And to have this, there is also more tips in Epic Soccer Training to lead you to a better way and path on playing soccer. Because playing soccer is more than a sport, it is an art.