Are You a Beginner Soccer Player? Learn These Soccer Juggling Tips

If you want to impress your coach and soccer team mates, you must master excellent soccer skill. One of them is juggling skill. To master it, you must know soccer juggling tips. Knowing these tips will give you a lot of advantages. That’s because juggling is one of the most important skills in soccer. It is said that if you can juggle a ball, you can have more control on the ball while they are on the ground. Keeping the ball on the air is difficult for a beginner. But, it is not impossible for you to master it.

Basic soccer juggling tips

soccer juggling tips There are several tips you can follow so that you can gain juggling skill. Here is some soccer juggling tips you can try at home: Hold the ball in your hands and drop it on one of your feet. Your foot position must be with ankle locked and the toe down. Once you dropped the ball, try to kick it back with your shoe laces into your hands. After you can do it successfully, try to do it again but kick the ball twice before you catch it with your hands. Try again and keep the ball in the air for as long as you can. Practice it until you can juggle easily. After that, try to juggle the ball with another foot. Once you are comfortable doing simple juggling with each of your foot, you can try to juggle the ball alternately between your right and left feet. For example, you can juggle it twice on the right and once on the left.

Schedule and how to juggle a soccer ball

soccer juggling tips beginners When you are self training yourself to master soccer juggling, you must set goals for it. You must realize that you cannot master it in one day. That’s why you must schedule your training properly. For example, on the first week, you must be able to juggle five times on your right foot. Aside from having a clear goal, you must also be determined with it. How to juggle a soccer ball successfully? The answer is that you must be willing do hard works. Without hard works and regular practice, you will not be able to juggle your ball. Once you are capable of juggling with both feet, you must start using other parts of your body to juggle the soccer ball. First, you must train to kick the ball higher and lower. Make sure you can calculate the height of your juggle. After that, you can use head, thigh, or chest to control the ball.

Juggling and walking

soccer juggling tips and tricks Juggling a soccer ball while you are standing is difficult enough. However, if you want to be an impressive soccer player, you must be able to juggle a ball while walking. This skill will enable you to handle the ball like a pro on the field. At first, you must try to walk slowly while juggling. Find your rhythm while taking each of your steps and increase your speed as you get better. I hope these soccer juggling tips can help you become a better soccer player.