Epic Soccer Training Program will Boost Your Performance

If you are like me then you are always on the lookout for products or regimes that can help improve your performance on the soccer field. It can be really difficult to find soccer conditioning drills that will boost your performance so you can hit that next level.

We have all been at a point where we feel like we are not making the progression that we feel we should be and have become static. Like with every aspect of my life, I want to feel like I am improving and learning but sadly with soccer I didn’t feel like I was, while I saw other players progress overtake my own.

I read a lot about Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training before buying the course, but found it difficult to find reviews from real people to help me tell if the program was any good or not.

This is why I have written this review: So that all of you reading this have a real account from a customer to take into consideration before making a decision on whether this is the right program for you.

Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training is the best program for beginners

Matt Smith's Epic Soccer TrainingEpic Soccer Training is a four-week long course designed to help you improve your skills and fitness through a series of soccer training videos, each focusing on a different aspect of the game.

As with almost any sort of fitness or sport instruction video, it is quite easy to feel quite disconnected from the activity that you actually want to improve at. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite difficult to watch video after video of sport instruction before thinking you know what, I’d rather just get out there and get going!

Perhaps though, this is the point: Not just to teach you how to play soccer and improve your playing skills, but also to get you motivated! So, Epic Soccer Training worked at getting me to utilize what I learned from the course, and it got me psyched to get out there and get playing!

Motivation aside, there are a lot of valuable tips I managed to take away from the course, and so for me it was absolutely worth the cost of the program. Sure, there were some things that I feel could have been better, but they were far outweighed by the good.

Let me explain below

My word, Matt Smith hasn’t skimmed on anything in this program. From the number of videos, to the extensive nutrition guide, almost everything to help you improve your game is covered here.

Matt Smith's Epic Soccer Training programMatt Smith has laid out a program that is suitable for amateur players of all levels, and he does so with an intelligent structure that focuses on bringing out the best of you as an individual, and that is what I love about this courses approach. Sure, learning the value in teamwork and the importance of moving as one team unit are very important elements of the modern game, but odd flashes of brilliance from individuals (see Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Arjen Robben) is what can make the difference.

The program is structured as a four-week program in which you’re recommended to complete three of the video workouts each week. Of course, you can do more or less depending on what suits you, proving the flexibility of the program.

Each video is only a few minutes long, which is another feature I love. There aren’t hours of dull filler lecturing, but just short bursts of demonstration to help you on your way. This also makes it easy to view back on as it’s easy to pin point a particular skill that you would like to view again without having to fast forward through hours of video. It’s an engaging and fun approach.

As if the detail on show in the course wasn’t enough, Matt Smith has also included a Soccer Fitness Guide for free. Not only more value for money, but a very handy added extra. Modern soccer players are in incredible shape, and for good reason: Top fitness is paramount to your performance as a soccer player, and this certainly isn’t something the course merely glosses over.

Anyone who knows their stuff in regards to fitness will know the importance of mixing up workouts, intensities and distances in order to dramatically improve your fitness levels, and here the program lays out for you a routine that follows that exactly. With a range of exercises that mix sprints with distance running, and even throwing in some body weight training, the program will ensure you are swiftly on course to peak fitness.

Finally, another welcome bonus is the nutrition guide. At 63 pages long, Matt Smith has really gone to great lengths to explain why sports nutrition is important and laid out a detailed diet plan that will ensure you are doing everything within your power to maintain your fitness and be at the top of your game. He lays out a great guide to performance-enhancing foods, as well as spelling out what to avoid. With the amount of money that is pumped into sports science and nutrition research, this is not an element of the game that could have been disregarded and it is great to see Matt Smith recognize this in this guide.