Focus on Compound Movements

Distractions are everywhere! Everywhere you look someone is talking about their dogs or what happened at work. I’m sitting here right now trying to write this and my wife is talking my ear off about moving things around in the house. I give her the same look I give people who love to talk to me in the gym. Unfortunately with her it doesn’t work too well but to everyone else it works like a charm.

When you go to the gym you need to get in and get out.

go-to-the-gymDo not bullshit! Excuse my French but I want to drive this point home. The gym isn’t a happy or social hour. It’s the body hour. Its time you set aside for yourself to show your body that you appreciate it and you want to keep it in optimal condition. As the saying goes? if you take care of your body it’ll take care of you. That’s the importance of having a laser focus when you’re in the gym. Know what you want to do and even more so know how to do it. This is a great time to listen to your body and study. Everyone is created different. Some people can put muscle on like its nothing while others can eat till they’re about to puke and won’t gain a pound. Learn your body and understand what it needs in order to function properly. I often see people follow these cookie cutter diets and workouts expecting the same result as the bodybuilder pictured next to them in the magazine. If it were really that simple then everyone would be jacked!

Your workout should consist of these four staple exercises regardless if you’re trying to gain muscle or burn fat. Those are bench press, military press, dead lift and squats. You should be doing these lifts every week no exception. These lifts engage the most muscle and create a favorable hormonal response needed to build muscle and burn fat. These exercises are very demanding but you will reap incredible benefits if executed correctly. Focus on compound movements!

Something you can try next time you’re at the gym is a timed density circuit. Do 10 reps on the bench press then 20 pushups. Alternate between these two exercises back and forth for 25 minutes. Keep track of how many you’re able to do within that time limit. The next week you go to the gym try it again but this time try to do more reps with the same amount of time. I guarantee you’ll be able to do more reps even if it is just one more! This is an easy way to get rip and burn tons of fat.

So if someone asks you what you’re doing just say you’re doing what they’re not. We all have lives outside of the gym but that’s just it. OUTSIDE of the gym. Work hard while you’re there, afterwards you can have your social time to catch up on what happened on your favorite reality show! Just don’t be this guy

This is how not to focus when at the gym!

The Comfort Zone

comfort-zoneThis won’t apply to the novice and newly gym goers so they won’t be able to relate to this message just yet. However we all will at some point create a comfort zone for ourselves. What’s a comfort zone you ask? Well it’s a zone that which you are comfortable in. Okay let stop be facetious but that is the general gist. In relation to fitness it’s when people have a routine of using a certain type of cardio equipment or weight lifting machines and will not deviate to try anything else. Every day you go to the gym you do the same routine week in and week out. You like what you’re doing and you don’t perceive anything wrong with the way you train. You no longer have to refer to that folded up piece of spiral note paper in your gym shorts to see what your suppose to do next. You’ve gotten really good at what you do and don’t even have to make a conscious effort. This is called a comfort zone!

While in your comfort zone you’ll also notice no new muscle growth or increased fat loss. You may actually be at a fat loss plateau. You may also notice that nothing feels challenging or refreshing. You only do incline bench press because that’s the only way to build your upper chest so you say. You only do preacher curls because your buddy says that’s the best bicep exercise. You only use the stationary bike to do your cardio because to you it’s just easier. Yeah your comfort zone will be the death of you.

You should always look to trying new exercises every few weeks. You should never be bored at the gym. Your should always look for new ways to challenge yourself. Your body will thank you for it. Your body has the ability to adapt to any type of stress you put on it so doing the same routine day in and day out your body will stop responding. There won’t be anything challenging! Instead of doing your cardio on the bike run some sprints on the treadmill instead. If all you do is use machines then try some barbells. Already using barbells? Try some dumbbells. You only use dumbbells? Try some calisthenics! There is always some type of stimulation you can provide to your muscles for continued growth. That is a necessity for consistent development.

Don’t be scare to try something different. You never know you might like it. Usually the things you don’t like to do are the best things for you. Speaking from personal experience I use to be one of those people who only did certain exercises for certain body parts. It wasn’t until I started experimenting that I learned that my body needs to feel challenged at all times. I got the best gains of my life when doing exercises that were foreign to me. So next time you go the gym challenge yourself and do a different exercise, use a different machine or use a different weight. Step out of your comfort zone!