Here are the Soccer Tips and Tricks For Juggling

Juggling is the movement, in bouncing the ball with the back leg, thigh, head, or shoulders. Initially, this style is used by the soccer professional athletes to train their foot control. Moreover, this style becomes their entertainment for the soccer players. And nowadays, juggling becomes the free style for soccer player even common people. One of the soccer tips and tricks to be expert in soccer game is able to do juggling.

Juggling is one of agility in football. Juggling balls actually help players build an incredible ball control and ball handling skills in the process. Juggling allows players to create the right moment to strike the ball and scored to win. Juggling is very interesting, because we tried to keep the ball from falling and continues to be treated with a variety of styles.

Soccer Tips and Tricks For JugglingBasically, the style is using both feet, kicked the ball slowly upward, and then greeted by the other foot when the ball fell again. This movement can be continued so that the ball does not fall. If you already proficient in this movement, can be coupled with the movement of encircling soccer when the ball was floating in the air. And also can hold the ball with the back of the neck when the ball dropped.

To be expert in soccer, you have to learn the soccer tips and tricks especially for juggling.

The first tip is focus. First, practice one part of your foot, left or right beforehand. Perform at least 10 consecutive juggling using the right foot without the ball fell to the ground. Then do the same with your left foot, then the left or right thigh and do the juggling exercises with the head.

After your body can handle the soccer ball, try the next soccer tips and tricks by using another body part. For example, hitting the ball twice to use the right foot, then press twice again but now using the left foot. Create your own combination, but just don’t forget to use parts of your different body.

Here is soccer juggling tips:

  • Juggling with dominant leg
    If you are still in the early stages of playing juggling, you better use the dominant foot which you usually you use every day. Suppose, if you feel you are more dominant right foot, and then use the right leg to practice juggling.
  • Techniques
    When doing soccer juggling tips, hold the ball with both hands. Stick out your arms at chest height. Drop a ball and let it bounce once. Well, before bouncing for the second time, kick the ball up to his chest.
  • Routine
    Take your time about 60 minutes a day to practice juggling.

Juggling as a freestyle

soccer tips and tricks especially for juggling

Juggling is a forerunner of the freestyle movement. This attraction involves movement of bouncing ball with the back leg, thigh, head and shoulders. Starting from the legendary football player named Diego Armando Maradona then that activity creates an entertainment value of these attractions.

Juggling must be controlled well by freestyler. Previous juggling in soccer players used the ball of the foot to train control. Then the freestylers create the interesting movement. The soccer tips and tricks in juggling for free style needs more stamina, speed, and strong leg muscles and high concentration either.