Newbie Player? Here is the Basic Soccer Skills You Need to Learn

Do you have a passion in soccer? Or you want to start to be a soccer player? Learn about basic soccer skills before starting your soccer training.

Three Basic Soccer Skills

There are 3 basic soccer skills that need to be learned by a newbie player.
· Passing
In a team play, passing a ball is important between teammates. The first important thing for players need to learn about passing is to know quickly the position of their teammates. Next is the verbal communication for giving cues to help in the decision-making before passing a ball.
· Receiving
When you do the passing, you will also receiving a ball. In the soccer, you need to master two kinds of receiving a ball. It is receiving a ball on the ground and receiving in the air. The point when receiving a ball is keeping your eye on the ball’s speed and direction. Then, you need to decide the body part to receive the ball. With on the ground ball, you will automatically receive it with your foot, left or right. While in the air ball, you need to decide receiving the ball with your foot, chest or head. Right after your get the ball, you need to right away prepare for next moves to pass, shoot, or play away.
· Shooting
Shooting skills might be considered as the best skill for soccer players. It’s an art which very precious to decide the team’s fate. In shooting skill, players need to learn how to pass a ball beyond unreachable goalpost area to the keeper. They also learn how to trick the goalkeeper with their shooting movements.

Improve Your Moves with Basic Soccer Skills Training

Basic Soccer Skills

By doing following basic soccer skills training, you can improve your basic skills especially foot movements.
· Passing Drills
These passing drills are aimed to improve passing ability. The training will focus on passing accuracy and teammate’s positions awareness. A newbie player can start with passing on the ground by inside the foot rather than long passing in the air. There are various passing drills including call to receive and pass the ball, avoiding obstacles, circle drill, simple 5m pass, short and long pass, backward and forwards, and also many more.
· Dribbling Drills
These drills aim on improving dribbling and close ball control. Rather than speed, these drills focus on accuracy and quality. The players also need to dribble while looking up the surrounding continuously so they can decide when to pass the ball. The training including in and out, relay race, rhomboid, beat the player and shoot, round the cones, through the cones, and many more.
· Shooting Drills
Shooting drills can be considered as the most fun training. Although they teach to shoot under pressure, but players can enjoy approach a ball at any angle and kick it to do the shooting. The drills including 1-2 shoots, turn and shoot, shoot on sight, collect and shoot, running at angles, and many more.
There are more drills to learn including control drills, heading drills, goalkeeping drills, 2 vs 2 drills, 1 vs 1 drills, etc.

More Skills to Learn

The basic soccer skills and training above will improve your individual skill especially foot movements. But there are other important things to learn about soccer including teamwork, strategy and decision-making skills. Because a soccer team is a group of 11 people work in the same purpose, not only depend on one player skills. So, the fate of the team will be determined by these group skills.