Practicing the Soccer Workout Program from Early Age, Why Not?

To hone the skill and mastery in playing soccer can be started in early age. You have to know how to train the aspect with physical training. To achieve the maximum achievement in soccer match needs more practice. Broadly the soccer workout program is grouping into two basic categories, namely the workout to train the performance of power and speed and the workout to build the stamina performance.

soccer training program for youths

There is a connection between the exercises for the stamina with the formation of the muscle. To train the ability of the explosive of the muscles in order to increase the power and speed movement, you cannot be combined the physical workout with physical training for endurance.

For example the physical workout trained the muscles capacity, such as squats, calf raise, sprint, and squat jump, which need to be considered in the muscles for strengthening. Before and after the basic soccer workout, you need to get nutrient and sufficient rest before the match.

Soccer workout program for early age stage:

Soccer Workout Program for beginners

10-12 years old
Running with the interval 1 minutes jogging – sprint 5 seconds – 5 minutes jogging is the best workout for the kids. And then the exercise can be continued with maximum duration 15 minutes.

13-15 years old
The most effective soccer workout program is the slightly anaerobic training session to practice breathing techniques. The duration for this age is running about 15 minutes without pause during the exercise.

15-17 years old
For this age, the exercise is implementing a run interval which is combined with specific movement in soccer, for example kicking, passing, and heading. The physical exercise is focused on the train field – balanced muscles especially abdominal muscles, muscles exercise ranging from the top to the bottom.

Total Training Method as the soccer tips for beginner:

Soccer Workout Program for adult

The key to be successful in soccer is applied the Total Training Method. This program is a soccer tips for beginner player which is combined the various parts of form in physical exercise and a good player. The parts of this program are planning and management, medical control, customs, food nutrition, adaptation to the training program, psychological, technical and physical principles of formation.

In addition, there are five important factors or tips that should be analyzed when preparing the principle of physical establishment based in Total Training Method. The beginner player must concern about:

  • The interaction between the physical exercise and the other aspects
  • Evaluate the method during the workout
  • Evaluate the exercise in improving the skills
  • Organize the specific program and training based on the frequency, intensity, and more exercise.
  • Several step before beginning the soccer workout program
  • Break time. The player must undergo a period of healing. This period is divided into 3 situations which are time to sleep at least 8 hours, practice twice a day, time off to recover the physical condition, mental, and emotional.
  • Nutritional food. You have to balance the nutrients and do daily healthy diet. The important nutrients in soccer workout program are vitamins, proteins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Weather. Avoid exercise when the weather is extremely hot or cold / rain.

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