Soccer Dribbling Drills For Young Soccer Players

Soccer Dribbling Drills Part 1

soccer dribbling drills for u8

This drill is all about developing close ball control and installing the players with confidence on the ball during actual soccer games. Here we areĀ coaching the young players on how to control the ball with each part of the foot, the inside, the outside, the sole and the laces.

  1. Using cones; mark out a grid approximately using a quarter of a soccer pitch. (As this drill progresses and the players become more confident, we can narrow and shorten the grid to increase intensity).
  2. Select a small group of players around six or seven. (The kids will enjoy most drills in smaller groups seven is probably the maximum number to be effective).
  3. Make sure each player has a ball. (Always give each player a ball to practice with even if they are not taking part).
  4. Ask the players to move around the grid keeping the ball in motion unless instructed to ‘stop and trap’ the ball before moving on again. Allow the youngsters to go in whichever direction they like and don’t be too concerned if they drift slightly out of the grid. (Keep in mind this is a fun drill where the kids are allowed to make mistakes).
  5. Using a whistle, one beep for outside, two beeps for inside, three beeps for laces and four beeps for trap the ball or just periodically shouting out instructions let the players loose in the grid. (A whistle is ideal for this just because; if a player is deep concentration and on the opposite side of the grid to you they may not hear your instruction when shouted out).

This drill can last up to 10 to 15 minutes or even longer depending on the enjoyment level of the young players. They do tend to enjoy this one and actually look forward to it.

Soccer Dribbling Drills part 2:

soccer dribbling drills with conesThis drill takes us one step further on from soccer dribbling drill partĀ 1. We are now coaching each player’s ability to turn at pace while keeping the soccer ball under tight control. This gives the soccer player lots of touches on the ball and develops their confidence. It will also encourage them to look up when on the ball.

  1. Again using the cones; mark out a route which twists and turns to the left and the right at differing angles. (When this soccer dribbling drill commences you may find the players will run into each other, this is okay it will only serve to make seem like more of a game).
  2. You will need to bring together a group of between five and seven of your U8 soccer players. (Soccer drills of all types are made more effective with smaller groups).
  3. Most importantly of all ensure that each of your U8 soccer players have a soccer ball. (You would be absolutely shocked at the number of so called soccer coaches do not believe in this).
  4. Instruct those taking part to follow the route you have marked out, keeping the ball moving and as close to them as is possible, only stopping moving on your command. (Keep in mind this is a fun drill where the kids are allowed to make mistakes).
  5. Using a number code by calling out, ‘one’ for stop and trap, ‘two’ for drag back, ‘three’ for turn 180 degrees and ‘four’ meaning fast dribble and ‘five’ for look up, just let the young soccer players loose in the grid one by one until they are all in play. (As the grid can be smaller since and in theory everyone should be moving in the same direction, you will probably be heard when simply calling out your instructions).

This drill should last up to 20 to 25 minutes depending on how the youngsters are adapting to the drill. You are able increase intensity by leaving ever shortening gaps between; calling out your instructions.