The Coaches Approach in Soccer Training Drills

When approached in the correct manner soccer training drills can be made effortless for the coach and fun for the youngsters. In fact it is only when these two factors are apparent; you can honestly say it was a successful practice session.

Always make sure you factor in plenty of rest breaks with water on tap, this is an absolute prerequisite nobody should ever even attempt to run a soccer practice session without first organizing these first? It is important to understand of the mindset of the age group.

What do the players want, why do they come along and take part in soccer training drills?

soccer training drills for one person

My point here is; in the main, perhaps in a vast majority of cases, children just want to play soccer and have fun with their friends; that’s it.

In their eyes this will relate entirely to how many times they have touched the soccer ball, so on the face of it, you just have to create drills which give the young players as many touches of the soccer ball as is possible. (If only it was that easy, right!!).

They will enjoy training and playing mostly in small interactive groups, in pairs or maybe three’s and four’s. Soccer players of all ages and ability levels will always prefer playing to watching, you should make your drills into fun games to be played rather than the old fashioned and completely outmoded stand in line and wait for your turn type of soccer training drill.

In general the youngsters at this age are starting to become competitive and are aware of how their friends are coping, which of their friends are faster runners or better dribblers, in addition they are eager to gain adult recognition of their efforts, in particular from their parents and other family members.

It is a wise coach who encourages any reassurance and positive reinforcement from this vital source.

soccer training drills attackingAt this age the young soccer players will find it difficult to always concentrate and focus on the thing you want them to; this is natural. It would be a huge mistake to continuously bring them back into line, so to speak, in fact this would only serve to turn them off and away from the game permanently.

The wisest way to deal with this situation is to continue with your program and give them time to come back around, alternatively you make changes to the drill to grab back the attention of the players, however, experience will tell you, if you do this too often you will lose their attention in ever shortening time periods.

Just be patient, remind yourself they will pick it up in their own time, they won’t always be better players for it, but they will enjoy their time at practice, they will have had fun with their friends and be more likely to return. And away, who can tell at this stage which players will turn into the star player on the team at a later date.