Things to Know about How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Playing soccer is complicated and yet exciting. It is not only about shooting the ball but, it is also about dribbling the ball, juggling the ball, and defending your team. Juggling the ball is probably the most difficult skill to master for a beginner. If you are a beginner soccer player, you must know how to juggle a soccer ball. Knowing how to do it will make you a great player in the future. Some people may think that juggling a ball is only for fun and shows. However, many professional soccer players also use this skill while they are playing on the field.

Tips on how to juggle a soccer ball

how to juggle a soccer ball

The first step in learning to juggle is that juggling with your feet. It is probably the easiest juggling move that you can practice. However, it can be difficult for a beginner. This is how to juggle a soccer ball on your feet.
First of all you must put yourself in the right position. You must bend your knees slightly. It will help you have more control on your ball. Put your dominant foot ready in action. That is, keep your ankle locked. Meanwhile, keep your foot that is not used for juggling firm and flat on the ground.

Once you are ready, drop the ball and kick it upward. Use your shoe lace to kick it. At first, you may only be able to juggle once and cannot ‘catch’ it with your foot. However, after some time, you will be able to get more control of the ball. You will be able to juggle more than once. After you can juggle with your dominant foot, try to juggle with another foot. It will be more difficult though.

After that, you must learn to juggle the ball with your head and knees. You must also learn to control the ball using your shoulders and chest. Once you are skillful on juggling this ball, you must try to do it while walking.

Juggling and soccer dribbling moves

Best way to juggle a soccer ball

The combination of juggling skill and excellent soccer dribbling moves will make you a valuable player in your team. Dribbling a ball and getting in and out of the opponent’s players is not something that can be easily gained. It is a complex skill that can only be achieved through hard works. It also needs techniques and talent.

To be an excellent dribbler, you must touch your ball in every step you make. It will enable you to control the ball easily. You must also be able to dribble the ball with both your feet with comfort. Once you can dribble the ball at speed and keep it close, you can start learning more difficult techniques.

Soccer dribbling techniques

There is some soccer dribbling techniques that must be mastered by a professional soccer player. Some of them are Lunge (Dummy Step Over), Double Lunge, the Stop and Go, Puskas, the Cut Back, and many others. Mastering it will make you the star of the team. And to master it, you must practice with determination. I hope this tips on how to juggle a soccer ball and dribbling moves help you becoming a more valuable soccer player.