Two DRUNK Teams Play Soccer Against Each Other


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Soccer players downed bottles of whiskey, wine, vodka, and beer  prior to taking to the pitch and capturing the ensuing hilarity on camera.

The two amateur Norwegian sides as well as their fans partied inside the dressing room before a five-a-side kick about.

The video includes soccer players falling over, pushing and shoving each other, and also picking the ball up and throwing it in the direction of goal.

fAlong with rules heading out the window, a few of the footballers also experience many of the uncomfortable side effects of alcohol, leaving them looking Extremely dizzy.
Everything gets to be a little too much for one man, who may have to stand by the side of the pitch to get sick early on in the fixture. Nice.

It was all too much for one player who was spotted vomiting on the sidelines soon after the match started.
He wasn’t the only one to experience the very negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
Some soccer players were left looking very dizzy and uncoordinated.

As the game continues on the players are filmed pushing and shoving each other.
The reason the clip so special though is the fact it turns out to be an absolute thriller of a game.

Now we are sure like us you’d probably imagine a 0-0 finish and lots of sick to clean up, but alternatively the players put on quite a display.

Every goal scorer was breathalysed in case his alcohol focus was too low, the goal was disallowed. Regardless of the heavily intoxicated teams, an astounding seven goals were scored during the game.

Honestly you just couldn’t write it.