U6 Team Soccer Practice Plans

You need soccer practice plans when you want to coach your team well. Nothing is better than something planned. So, before you are going to the training center and meet your team, you will better have something in your pocket containing the plans. Today, we are going to talk about the practice plans for the younger teams. There will be some points that you are not going to coach the senior team and you get the junior team instead. So, below are several soccer practice plans designed for U6 team.

Here is U6 Team Soccer Practice Plans

U6 Team Soccer Practice Plans

First, you need to begin with the principles. It is mostly theories in which you explain to them the basic rules of the game, the strategies, and the technique. All of them are told verbally. You can divide the principles session into two sessions. Then, it is time to move to the pitch. After the warm up, do the balances practice. It is important so that the children can learn how to control the ball. Then, follow with the coordination lesson in which it is very important as well for the actual game. After the children understand all of them, you can move to the dribbling lessons which are very essential.

The first part of the dribbling lessons is the dribbling with the head up lesson. It is pretty much the easiest dribbling skill to master. Then, move to the technique of dribbling to get away or to dodge the opponent. Once they master that, move to the technique of dribbling in a crowd. It is really important so that when your players are surrounded by the opponents, they know what to do. The last lesson in the soccer practice plans for U6 team is to strike the ball which is the foundation of all the soccer games.

SimpleĀ Tips to TrainĀ U6 Soccer Team

U6 Team Soccer Practice Training

Kids under the age of 6 are basically still little kids for sure. They do not stand when you scold them or scream at them. Thus, when you coach the U6 team, all you have to posses is patience. You need to deal with the kids well and not letting anything that they do bothers you. You need to transfer your knowledge and strategies to your players so that they understand what you want them to do during the game. Thus, communicate well with your small players.

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