Wanna be a PRO? Learn This Youth Soccer Training Drills!

There are many youth soccer passing drills that you can use to help your team develop the accuracy and pace of their passing. I want to outline one of the basic soccer training drills here that will help your team learn the art of passing. The great thing about this drill is that the only equipment required is a soccer ball!

5v2 Possesion Soccer Training Drills

Youth Soccer Training drills

This drill is utilized by many professional teams in nearly every practice because it demands quick thinking, accurate passes, vision, and movement off the ball. It is a great drill to start practices with because it allows players to get warmed up in their touches and short passes.

How this soccer drill works

The basic set-up of this soccer training drills is that five players form a circle around two players in the middle who are trying to steal the ball from the players on the outside. Once the ball is possessed by a player in the middle or if the ball leaves the circle,the player who made the mistake switches places with a player in the middle.

Ideally,there are groups of seven players each so that it is 5v2, but this is not always the case depending on how many players you have. You may have to play 4v1, 4v2, 6v2, or 6v3. In order to make this drill game-like, I suggest having a two-touch limit for the players on the outside so that they will receive and release the ball quickly. Once the team has mastered two-touch, decrease the touch limit to one so that they continue to progress in their speed of play. To increase the speed of play and decision making you can also make the circle smaller.

Skills Developed by this soccer training drills

soccer training drills

Quick decision making and vision are two important skills that are developed in 5v2 possession because it forces the players to be thinking ahead about where they will pass when the ball comes to them. Depending on the positioning of the defenders, they can choose to pass to either side or try and split the defenders. This requires that they have their head up, are able to see the open pass, and then execute the pass.

This drill also develops a player? ability to pass the ball with accuracy and the correct pace. Inaccurate passes as well as passes without enough pace will easily be stolen by the defenders. Passes with too much pace will be difficult for teammates to control.

Enforcing a one-touch limit will help the players learn how to set each other up for success with their passes instead of only focusing on completing their own pass. Soccer is a game of thinking ahead to the next pass, so setting your teammate up with a pass that is both accurate and has the correct amount of pace will help the team attack with speed and danger.

Finally, when done right, this drill develops the ever-important skill of moving off the ball for your teammates. The players on the outside of the circle should not stand still the entire drill but should instead be constantly moving to give support angles for their teammates. This will lead them to do this naturally during games, helping teammates get out of tight spaces and keeping the team?s attack going.